Holy fuck it’s 1am [GMT], I’m not even kidding I thought it was like 11:30

I hate writing stuff because when it’s in my head it sounds amazing, but when it comes to putting down on paper it’s usually like “……………………………………………………….FUCK”


Paramore: Last Hope (LIVE)

Thank you for making this summer so amazing. Enjoy this video of ‘Last Hope’ at the Chicago stop of the MONUMENTOUR!



Press play and enjoy fuckers.

At first I’m just like “it’s fucking clapping, I don’t ca-” and then he began to sing and I took in such a deep breath my uncle had to make sure I was ok.

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walking in a crowded hallway like


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"Don’t sweat the small stuff, and it’s all small stuff."

- Richard Carlson

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For the love of god, please keep any of the Rooster Teeth’s employees personal family (wives/husbands/children) out of your fics. I’ve recently been shown a few with Ryan’s wife and a different one with his two kids in it.


- Tats


Kanye West - Stronger

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why try to have a conversation using the tumblr messaging system when you can just write a message, put it in a bottle, and toss it in the fucking ocean where it’s more likely to find its way to the person

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u know someone is having a rough day when their favorite song plays and they don’t sing along

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I love derpy kittehs!

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"We need to recognize that for some people sex is great and for some sex is horrific and for some it’s on par with folding laundry."


(~Sex Isn’t Always Good by queenieofaces)

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Remember in the 90’s there used be a room in your house that was called the “computer room”.

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